'Will I Kill You?' Belmont State Cop Analetto Arrested on Extortion Charge

Federal affidavit shows resident threatened to harm bookie, bettors.

Two days before Christmas, somewhere in Belmont, John Analetto answered his own chilling question while talking to a bookie he was shaking down.

"Will I kill you? Ya, I'll f---ing kill you," said the 48-year-old Belmont resident to who turned out to be a confidential witness, who decided four days earlier that the 19 year veteran of the Massachusetts State Police was so dangerous that he willingly fell into the arms of the Boston office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Analetto will be arraigned in federal court in South Boston today, after being arrested Saturday afternoon, New Year Eve, by an FBI SWAT team outside a Trapelo Road gas station across from the Dunkin' Donuts in Belmont's Central Square. 

The resident will be charged with extortion to recover money he gave the witness and to be the muscle for the bookie, going so far as threatening to break into a wayward bettor's house to beat him and sexually assault his mother.

Analetto told the witness – and it turned out also the FBI and federal prosecutors as the bookie was wired – he was confident that any thing he needed to do to collect his loans would blow by the FBI because "they're worried about terrorist activities."

A FBI media contact declined to speak on the matter as the case now sits in Federal District Court.

In a complaint affidavit dated and signed on Dec 31 by US Magistrate Marianne Bowler and released today, Jan. 3, FBI Special Agent Michael Carazza tells a tale of a bookie who got involved with a law enforcement officer who became his worse nightmare.

The bookie – who the FBI would not reveal the person's name, town where the operation was located or even if the witness was a man or a woman – was involved for the past 17 years in interstate gambling when he met the Massachusetts state trooper through a mutual friend in the past year.

$24K from the wrong person

Soon, Analetto learned that the bookie himself owed money to a number of loansharks and in September and October loaned him a total of $24,000 to payoff the on going debt.

But the bookie was now in the clutches of Analetto, a corrupt state cop, who threatened to kill the witness if he did anything to affect his state pension.

Analetto essentially became the bookie's partner, bringing him five bettors but also demanding a weekly interest return on the bookie's gambling profits along with $500 a week in principal. Analetto then raised the interest rate on the profits from 10 percent to 12.5 percent for the rest of the bookie's life.

It became clear by then the bookie was in over his head with Analetto and approached the FBI's Carazza. At his next meeting with Analetto, on the 23rd, now working as the FBI's confidential witness (and wired for sound and video), the bookie gave an increasingly impatient Analetto $1,500 but that amount only angered the Belmont state cop who told the witness he would kill him.

In a telephone call on the day after Christmas, Analetto made the threats on the bettor and his mother and again threatened to kill the bookie, saying he was going to buy a ski mask then break into the bookie's house and kill him in his sleep "and that there would be no witnesses."

Headbutt and slapped

Their next face-to-face, on Friday, Dec. 30, in Belmont, the witness gave Analetto $3,600 in money the FBI gave him, but the money did not prevent Analetto from headbutting and slapping the bookie around. He then demanded the bookie give him the telephone number of a bettor named "Chris" who was late in paying off a bet, saying he wanted to visit Chris' house.

It was during the meeting that an emboldened Analetto told the bookie – while the FBI was listening – that a friend of his was arrested three times for gambling, bookmaking and racketeering and had not spent a day incarcerated.

[Those crimes] are "f---ing b---t," said Analetto, saying that the FBI was not worried about organized crime but "terrorist activities."

He then told the bookie to put on black pants and go to "Chris'" house and slash all the tires on his car."

Analetto then told the bookie he was calling "Chris" using a untraceable Walmart phone. He then left a message:

"Hi Chris. Happy New Year," he began, telling the bettor that he was calling to recoup their investment and "we'd appreciate if you contact the right people and start doing the right thing or 2012 isn't gonna be too good for you."

After telling Chris to call, Analetto ended the call "Capice? Bye."

And while Analetto then told the bookie he would not hurt or kill him, he said "whether you pay me or not over the life of the loan, but after five years and three months, when I retire, I'm coming for you for my money, if you're still alive."

The next day, Analetto was arrested.


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