Am I Able to Vote in November? A Town Clerk Q&A

Questions on absentee voting, inactive voters and are your registered all answered.

Will you be eligible to vote in the presidential election in November? Are the kids who are off at college able to vote in Belmont? What do you need to do to vote if you'll be away in Venice, Afghanistan or Kathmandu?

Below is a series of FAQs provided by Town Clerk Ellen Cushman that should answers your quiries about election day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Q: Are you registered to vote in the Nov. 6 Presidential Election?

Town Clerk Ellen Cushman: The voter registration deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. to the Town Clerk which is located on the first floor of Town Hall. We’ll be open late to accept your registrations, changes and forms.

You can check the current voter list on-line to see if you’re registered at your current address by visiting the Town Clerk’s web page , select voter registration. If you’re not already registered or need to change your address, you can download forms to complete, sign and mail in. Any change requires a voter’s original signature. 

Q: Where do I vote on Election Day?

A: There are eight voting precincts at seven locations throughout town. A quick check of the Elections – General Information page on the Town Clerk’s web page shows an alphabetical listing of the streets and assigned precincts as well as a map of each precinct and address for each voting location.

Q: What if you're an inactive voter?

If you’ve received a postcard from the Town Clerk/Board of Registrars indicating that you’re considered an inactive voter and haven’t yet returned it, it’s not too late. Please complete and sign the return postcard or complete a census or visit the Town Clerk’s office to avoid having to complete an affirmation and present your identification at the check-in table on Election Day.

Q: Absentee voting; who can, when and where?

A: If you’ll be unable to get to your polling place on Nov. 6, please select the “Elections – General Information and Absentee Ballots” option on the Town Clerk’s web page and you’ll find down-loadable forms for absentee ballots or just write us a letter and sign it to request the absentee ballot. Approximately three weeks before the election, in-office absentee voting will be offered at the Town Clerk’s office, Ground Floor of Town Hall at 455 Concord Avenue. Watch the web page or phone us to confirm dates and hours.

Q: Got any resources

A: Check current voter list and download forms can be found at: http://www.town.belmont.ma.us/public_documents/belmontma_clerk/index

Q: What? You still have questions?

A: Address any other questions to townclerk@belmont-ma.gov or 617-993-2600.


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