BREAKING: Rogers Win State Rep Race Big; Romney Loses Hometown to Obama

Cambridge to represent "ABC" district on Beacon Hill.

Cambridge resident Dave Rogers claimed a decisive victory to become the next State Representative of the 24th Middlesex District on Beacon Hill after soundly defeating two Belmont residents in Tuesday's General Election.

The business attorney, who ran on his willingness to be an independent voice despite party affiliation, won nearly 50 percent of Belmont voters while trouncing Independent Jim Gammill and Republican Tomi Olson in the Arlington and Cambridge precincts.

In the end, Rogers was the clear winner, winning three times the votes of his two challengers.

The results for the three towns in the "ABC" district were:

Towns Dave Rogers Jim Gammill Tomi Olson Belmont 6,121 3,640 3,292 Cambridge (two precincts) 2,169 207 177 Arlington (four precincts) 4,048 1,010 951 Totals 12,338 4,857 4,420

While not being from Belmont, Rogers ran an aggressive retail political campaign, knocking on thousands of doors in Belmont and attending countless social gatherings.

He also was able to take advantage of finding votes in his hometown and in Arlington that his Belmont challengers in both the primary and general election could not match.

And finally, Rogers ran in a year where the democrat ticket label was an advantage (just ask US Rep. John Tierney).

After defeating two opponents in the primary, he was able to harness the Democrat party's resources such as garnering volunteers and campaign workers.

Obama takes Romney's Belmont

Belmont lived up to its liberal traditions as voters did not show their long-time neighbor much love, voting nearly two-to-one to deny the 40-year Belmont from resident winning his hometown.

Instead, President Barack Obama picked up 9,108 votes to Romney's 4,728.


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