Compacting Trash Can Courtesy of the Sun

'BigBelly''s are installed in business districts with $17,000 state grant.

It's new, stylish, big with a solar panel on top.

No, it's not the town's latest 'green' home; it – or rather, they – is the BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor located in commercial areas such as Belmont Center, Cushing Square, Waverley Square and the Trapelo Road area.

One is located at the bus stop adjacent Starbucks in Cushing Square and another near Comella's on Leonard Street in Belmont Center.

The new compactors were possible with a $17,000 state grant that were spent on purchasing four 'BigBelly' compactors and an accompany maintenance program in a wireless system for a year.

Obtaining the funding was initiated by Tom Younger's office.

The cans, Director of Public Works Peter Castanino explained, compact trash so that the town can save money and time picking it up.

“And the DPW will be able to look online to see how full they are,” he added in August when the grant was issued.

Belmont_Conservative October 24, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Anything that will help with the amount of trash in the Trapelo Street area (near LCs, Belmont Pizza, etc.) is music to my ears - even if it did come via state funds. ;) Along with these new beauties, I wish they could just simply have more conventional barrels and/or empty the existing ones more regularly.
Thomas Younger October 25, 2011 at 05:56 PM
A private donation made it possible to purchase these four containers which we certainly appreciated though we were reviewing other various options. State funds were not utilized. Thomas Younger, Town Administrator


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