Windy Serve: PQ Court Fence Toppled in Saturday's Blow

Branches, trees downed including one that halted service on the MBTA's 73 bus line.

Saturday's all-day wind storm with gusts up to 55 mph – as recorded at the town's wind meter at the Department of Public Works yard – caused just enough damage around town to keep town departments busy.

The wind's ferocity was responsible for knocking down an entire side of the fence surrounding the newly renovated tennis courts at Pequosette Field behind the Veterans of Foreign Wars building off Trapelo Road, according to Michael A. Santoro, assistant director of Public Works.

The damage was discovered by some of the morning Goosebusters, volunteers who take their dogs – a mix of Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, terriers, a Maltese and some mixed breeds – to the park to discourage Canada geese from populating the field, according to neighbor Merlyn Liberty.

Santoro also said early Saturday around 9:50 a.m., fire personnel were sent to 178 Trapelo Rd. after a tree fell on power lines and MBTA trolley wires and then began burning. Belmont Municipal Light Department shut down the power in the Cushing Square area while the MBTA was forced to use diesel buses to and from Waverley Square for the morning.

The town's Department of Public Works and the Light Department handled the repairs and the tree removal.

The Light Department also found one of its light posts near 26 Concord Ave. had fallen while half of mature trees broke off and fell on Pierson Road and at the corner of Lewis Road and (appropriately) Elm Street, said Santoro.


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