Firenze: A Fond Farewell Serving Belmont

Eight years representing the residents of a "wonderful community."

I wish to thank the residents of Belmont for the opportunity to have served almost eight years on the Board of Selectmen. I have met so many wonderful people and I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to help govern the town. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as your selectman and wish to thank you for your support.

Looking back we have worked hard to bring more efficiency to the operation of the town, and although not always easy, we balanced our budget each of my years in office without having to request an operational override. We developed programs toward better use of undeveloped properties, and improved the planning function to help revitalize Belmont Center and Cushing Square both now with new full service restaurants. Waverley Square as well of the other smaller business areas is also being worked on. 

The decision not to run was a difficult one for me since there is so much unfinished business. We must continue our efforts to increase tax revenue by encouraging appropriate development of underutilized properties around town Cushing Square, South Pleasant Street, among them. The budgeting process still needs a lot of work and I believe it is time for Belmont to undergo some major governmental structure changes so that we can operate out town more effectively. We need to continue our efforts to ensure that all of our residents have confidence in town government.

But it is now time for someone else to step in and take over. 

I am confident that the right person to be our next selectman is Andy Rojas. Andy has been active in town government and has never walked away from a challenge. He is a great listener and has the experience right now to step in and hit the ground running. Hopefully, by now you have had the chance to meet Andy or have seen his campaign literature which highlights many of the reasons that I am so excited that Andy is running. Please join me in voting for Andy on April 2.

Belmont is a wonderful community and we have a lot going for us. We have a terrific school system, great services and committed and dedicated town workers, I am confident that, like me, Andy will make decision that are in the best overall long term solutions for the entire Town of Belmont.

Thanks and best regards,

Angelo Firenze


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