Got A Pothole? Fill It Online

Belmont's Department Public Work's web site will get the word to them about the pothole eating your tires.

"America is one big pothole," said former US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to FoxNew's Neil Cavuto this week.

And if you drive down some roads in Belmont, you would have to agree with LaHood. Rapid changes in extreme temperatures (from below zero to nearly 60 degrees within two weeks) and wet weather in the past months formed cracks in the roadway that allowed water to go below the surface weakening the asphalt. Soon the road surface is loosened and a hole forms. 

While there is little one can do about the weather, if a pothole crops up on your public street – if you live on a private way, you are on your own – there is a fast online way to inform the Belmont Department of Public Works of your situation.

The Public Works Requests web site allows residents to send out an online shout out to the DPW on potholes that need to be filled (along with requests for tree trimming, street sweeping, a clogged catch basin and dead animal pick-up). 


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