Has Air Traffic Noise Over Belmont Got You Down? Then Send a Letter

Write on how aircrafts flying over your abode is impacting your quality of life.

Have you had just about enough of the noise coming from all the increase in air traffic over Belmont?

Then it's time to write a letter.

A note directed to the Federal Aviation Authority – it can either be by snail mail or via e-mail – would be the most effective approach to take at the present time, according to Robert Reardon, who is working with Myron Kassaraba on the Logan Airport Community Advisory Committee, a regional group made up of communities effected by noise coming from aircraft using Boston's airport.

"There has been some progress in opening a dialog with the FAA regarding the increased noise residents are experiencing as a result of the changes implemented for runway 33L departures in June 2013," said Readon in an e-mail.  

And one important part of the town’s effort to have the new route over Belmont  reviewed and reconsidered is to collect letters from residents that can be presented to the FAA supporting the fact that residents are being negatively impacted by the increased in aircraft noise.

Kassaraba and Reardon are requesting letters be sent to their e-mail address at logancac@belmont-ma.gov . Include your name, address and detail about your personal experience with the new flight patterns and specifically how they have affected your quality of life.  

State Sen. Will Brownsberger’s office, along with Representatives Hecht, Lawn and Rogers, and Board of Selectman Chair Mark Paolillo have requested that the FAA take into account community comments and resident noise complaints as part of their review process.  

Copies of these letters along with the presentation from December’s Public Information Meeting can be accessed on the town’s Logan CAC web page.

If the noise is just too much, residents that have issues with the airplane noise continue to be encouraged to contact Massport's Noise Complaint Line at 617-561-3333 or submit a complaint using the form on the Massport web site


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