How Would You Rate Belmont’s Plowing During The Nor'easter?

Was Belmont's effort up to snuff in the snow and bitter cold?

Now that this winter’s first snowstorm is in the books, it’s time for you to rate how Belmont’s plows handled the more than half foot of snow that fell Thursday through Friday.

Feel free to give praise or thanks, express frustrations or offer up constructive criticism (don't even think about using ALL CAPS in your remarks) in the comments below.

APaschal January 06, 2014 at 02:03 PM
We pay more in taxes than surrounding towns, yet I find the roads in Watertown and Waltham (for example) plowed much better.
Lee Adams January 13, 2014 at 03:05 AM
The roads were plowed as typical. Nothing great. What I would like to see addressed is how the Town has neglected shoveling the public sidewalks all these years creating a so called safety concern. Selectman Jones brought up the Snow Removal Bylaw as the last action item at 11:30 PM in the Town Meeting when half of the Town Legislators had already left or were sleeping since there was no real debate. With dishonesty and deceit he pushed his Bylaw through with the guise of public safety. This is simply not true. Property Owners now required to shovel the public sidewalk abutting their property with threat of being fined if you don’t. They’re require to shovel the sidewalk to pavement at the width of 36 inches and treat for ice at their expense. The Town who rarely plows the sidewalks and does a poor job at best when it does is not held to the same accountability. The readers of this BelmontPatch should ask Franklin Tucker to post some of the pictures I’ve submitted to the Board of Selectmen showing how poorly the town plows its own sidewalks.
Waverly Watchdog January 19, 2014 at 01:59 PM
@ Lee Adams - You raise a number of good points. IMO, it is, indeed, the responsibility of the Town, not individual property owners to clear the snow. The Town seems to demand the RIGHTS to road and sidealk ownership when convenient, but shifts the responsibility when convenient. - - - For example there was a gardener on Bright Rd. (as I remember) that was harassed to remove his plants from the Town's sidewalk, yet the very same sidewalk must now be cleared of snow by that property owner. Who's sidewalk is it?? It CANNOT be both. - - - Furthermore, the sidewalks are often blocked from the road by a Town-plowed hedgerow. Is TM going to require that the property owners must clear the ROADS too? Ralph Jones will enjoy doing that, because there IS a road in front of his house. - - - As to the Town plowing sidewalks, that has been done in the past, but ONLY for SOME sidewalks. There is plenty of evidence visible... just look at the lawns that have been torn up by the careless Town plow operators. - - - As to the By-Law being brought up late at night, when many TMMs had already gone home, this is right out of the Harry Reid hanbook of dirty politics. And, make no mistake, the Moderator has the power to correct such abuses, but DIDN'T. This also points to the need for an electronic voting system, so EACH and EVERY TMM can be specifically held accountable for each and every vote. Allowing a TMM to sign-in, then leave at any time is unacceptable. At the VERY least, sign-in and sign-out of TM should be required, starting IMMEDIATELY.
Viking January 19, 2014 at 03:23 PM
It is outrageous that Ralph Jones pushed through his law even though he has no sidewalk in front of his house, and even though he scurrilously waited until 11:30 PM for the vote, when presumably his buddies had been told to linger while other TMMs gave up and went home. And why did he and those who voted for this law have no regard for seniors and handicapped and anyone else who simply cannot comply? Nor did they think to make any provision for maintaining a list of those to hire to shovel. As most of us have found out, this is not a job that anyone wants.Vague admonitions for neighbors to help neighbors are silly. Shoveling is heavy, hard and cold work. Most are not up for doing more than their own frontage. So now we are stuck with the Jones Law. Maybe a more insightful TM will dump it soon. The town used to plow the sidewalk in front of our house, on the premise that children had to walk to school, but as we told them repeatedly, our house was on the route for 0 children. Finally they checked the school enrollment and stopped the plowing. Town plowing of sidewalks is awful. We usually shoveled early, in the hope the plow would skip our walk. Instead, the plow came and pulled snow in from the sides, producing corrugated ice on the sidewalk that was extremely dangerous to walk on and slow to melt. The plow also chopped up the grass. If the town isn't plowing your sidewalk, you are lucky.


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