League of Women Voters' Guide To Town Election Available Online

With information about town-wide and Town Meeting candidates.

Before you go into Fenway Park, you need to buy a program to know who the players are.

And just like Fenway, before residents vote Monday, April 2, in the annual Belmont Town Election, they will need their own program to be better informed about the candidates running not only town wide but also the neighbors running for Town Meeting.

The Belmont League of Women Voters has produced an on line version of its yearly "Voter Guide" that was sent to all residents in the mail in the past week.

The League contacted all the candidates for town-wide office as well as all Town Meeting Member candidates and asked them the question: "Belmont citizens look to their elected officials for fair and responsible solutions to the issues facing their community. Please choose two issues which you consider important to the future of the town and present your ideas for managing them effectively."


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