Letter to the Editor: Graham Backing Rogers

"I am convinced that he will be an effective, eloquent representative."

On Nov. 6, voters in the 24th Middlesex District will select a successor to former State Rep., now State Sen. Will Brownsberger.

We must ensure that our district continues to have a strong advocate on Beacon Hill to give voice to our communities’ needs.

I am proud to support the candidacy of Dave Rogers, who has spent months knocking on doors, meeting thousands of people, and listening to their concerns. Dave understands that not only does every vote count but that every voice should be heard.

Dave Rogers has a long record of experience in both the public and private sectors and a deep grasp of a broad range of issues.  He is educated in economics and the law, and he has worked professionally in health care reform, environmental protection, biotechnology, energy efficiency, and manufacturing. He also has experience as a mediator – something sorely needed in government in these divisive times.

Dave has clearly articulated his priorities: improving the economy, strengthening public education, protecting the environment, controlling health care costs and finding solutions to our local transportation issues. I have spent a good deal of time speaking with Dave regarding my concerns about securing adequate, sustainable and predictable State aid for education – without burdensome new paperwork involved with mandates that would  come at the expense of direct services to students. 
The wealth of experience that Dave brings will indeed be an asset in the State House, but I feel that even more important is the strong work ethic that he has demonstrated throughout his campaign. Dave has invested an extraordinary amount of time getting to know the people of Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge, and I am convinced that he will be an effective, eloquent representative.
I encourage all eligible voters to choose Dave Rogers for State Representative on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Laurie Graham
Belmont Street
Chairwoman, Belmont School Committee
Town Meeting Member, Precinct 4


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