Letter to the Editor: Rogers An 'Impressive Candidate'

"This guy was better in person than his reputation preceded him."

I first met Dave Rogers when he rang our door bell early in his campaign. He had done his homework: he knew our names and he was talking to as many people as he could reach.

A few days later we received a card with a handwritten note. Then, I started to hear more positive things about Dave. To me, campaigning door to door was already good enough.

The news was that Dave was attending all the important meetings in town, he was talking to voters and listening to their concerns and through hard work and determination he was steadily gaining support. Above all, this was serious work ethic.

Just a couple of weeks after he showed up at our front door I went to a coffee and got to know Dave. He grew up in Pennsylvania, one of seven children. His father passed away unexpectedly when he was twelve years old, he tells the story to make a point on the importance of Social Security and a safety net to protect the most vulnerable, a lesson he learned first hand. He is a lawyer who worked in both private and public sector.

He has experience in the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government; he has worked with large companies helping resolve complex issues; and he has worked as a mediator, a very handy skill for a State Representative who has to work with many different groups, opinions and interests.

If I was intrigued before and curious to know more about Dave, at the end of that coffee I was even more impressed by this candidate. This guy was better in person than his reputation preceded him!

Dave deserves the job and has our vote.

Adriana Poole

Precinct 1


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