Nine Projects to Receive Inaugural Preservation Funds

Nearly $1 million in Community Preservation Act tax revenue allocated; final approval will be in the hands of Town Meeting.

More than two years after Belmont voters approved the Community Preservation Act, the first of nearly $2 million in CPA funds was approved to go before May's Town Meeting for a final OK.

Nine applications were accepted by the Community Preservation Committee to receive a total of $959,000 just about half of the total amount in the committee's coffers which is funded by a surtax on real estate transactions.

The nine projects include:

• $10,000 to conduct a building survey and "investigation" of the circa-1853 William Flagg Homer House on Pleasant Street, the home of the Belmont Woman's Club.

• $20,000 to develop a landscape plan for an inter-generational walking path at Clay Pit Pond adjacent to Belmont High School.

• $10,000 to lay better pipes to improve irrigation at Rock Meadow Community Gardens.

• $72,000 to repair and weatherize Belmont Town Hall's "front" doors located on the Concord Avenue-side of the building.

• Up to $100,000 to purchase material for the rehabilitation of Joey's Park adjacent to the Winn Brook Elementary School.

• $147,000 to purchase and install underground wiring as part of the electrical service upgrade of Belmont Village.

• $115,000 for a comprehensive cultural resource survey of the town.

• Up to $385,000 to hire a design firm to create blueprints of the preferred recommendation from a feasibility study report on the future of the Underwood Pool and Underwood Park.

• Up to $100,000 for the preservation and digitization of Belmont's vital records, the first of three installments to complete the work. 

Here we go again..... January 10, 2013 at 04:46 PM
"Up to $385,000 to hire a design firm to create blueprints of the preferred recommendation from a feasibility study report on the future of the Underwood Pool and Underwood Park." Has this feasibility study report and its "preferred recommendation" ever been publically released? If so, could you at the Patch obtain it and publish it for comment?
Franklin Tucker January 10, 2013 at 05:33 PM
I will have that feasibility study and its conclusions once they are released in the near future. Some possible outcomes - and the estimated costs - are 1. do nothing, 2. move the pool to the current playground location and 3. reconstruct the pool. All options are on the board and the Board of Selectmen will take into consideration cost in their decision.
Lee Adams January 10, 2013 at 05:36 PM
Agreed. Remember, the CPA Funds was pushed by former Selectman Paul Solomon who wanted to waste our money on pet projects. The Board of Selectmen with former Chairperson Angelo Firenze already stated if the Underwood Pool should ever need major renovation it'll be shut it down. Selectman Mark Paolillo has already said he supports a new Underwood Pool, a new Library, relocating the Police Station, a new high School and many more projects the town has no way to pay for. Mark Paolillo has no concept of good leadership and fiscal responsibility to the town. His promise to bring his CPA experience to make the town better and financially healthier is nothing more than an empty promise. God save the Belmont as the Tax & Spend Leadership and the many Special Interest pass the staggering debts to the generations to come.
Franklin Tucker January 10, 2013 at 11:47 PM
Remember, it will be up to Town Meeting reps to pass each of the proposals in an up or down vote during the first day of Town Meeting in April.


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