Parking, Traffic Restrictions Around Beech Street Center on Election Day

There will no parking along certain streets; Waverley Street, Shean Road to be closed Tuesday.

The Belmont Police Department has created a plan for traffic and parking restrictions around the Beech Street Center and Town Field in anticipation of Republican candidate Mitt Romney voting at the Senior Center Tuesday morning, Nov. 6.

Parking restrictions

• No overnight parking will be allowed in the Beech Street Center lot on Monday, Nov. 5.

Parking on Beech Street (on the field side) is to be reserved for voters. ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted on Beech Street, opposite the Beech Street Center.

• The Traffic Department posted ‘No Parking’ signs on the eastbound side of the following streets up to Slade Street: Upland Road, Drew Road, Benjamin Road and Orchard Street up to Amelia Street.

• There is no on-street parking on both sides of Henry Street.

Traffic restrictions

• All ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted on the evening of Nov. 5.

• At 11:45 p.m. on Nov. 5, Waverley Street will be closed from Beech
Street to Harris Street to through motor vehicle traffic. Eastbound traffic on
Waverley Street will be detoured down Harris Street. Shean Road will be closed at Waverley Street. Media trucks will not be allowed past Henry Street

• Media vehicles should enter the staging area at Beech Street.

• Residents on Ash, Midland, Woodland and Waverley will be allowed to exit and enter at Henry Street.

• There will be a police officer stationed at Waverley and Harris streets to allow residents to enter and exit.

• Motor vehicles will not be allowed access to Waverley Street from the intersection of Beech and Thomas. Police are asking that you please drive west on Waverley Street (towards Waverley Square) when leaving. When returning home, police ask that residents enter at Henry Street and Waverley Street.

Media vehicles will be parked on the westbound (the field side) of Waverley Street.

• At the conclusion of the event, media vehicles should exit Waverley Street, at Henry Street.


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