Pool Part Ordered, Underwood Could Open for Weekend

DPW is waiting to install vital valve into pumping equipment. But it could still be the final week for the historic pool.

It's on its way.

While not as vital as a transplant plant or critical to the running of a nuclear power plant, this valve could save the final week of swimming at the town's on Concord Avenue.

After this important component for filtering the pool's water failed Monday morning, the century-old Underwood – judged by – has been of all ages as the the town's Department of Public Works has been attempting to track down the part.

Michael A. Santoro, the DPW's assistant director, told Belmont Patch today that the town ordered the valve yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 22, and had it shipped overnight to Belmont.

Santoro said that as of 11 a.m., department personnel have not yet seen the part but will begin installation of the valve when it does arrive.

"That's when we'll have a better idea how it work and if it is the right part," said Santoro.

He said that it is unlikely that the pool will be open by tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 23, but if all goes to plan, the Underwood will be open for the penultimate weekend of the season.

If the pool does reopen, it is increasingly appearing that it could be the final week the facility will be used. At its Tuesday, Aug. 21 meeting, the Board of Selectmen stated that they would move forward with a request-for-proposal to contract a landscaping firm to evaluate a possible new location for the pool on a plateau overlooking the current location.

Both the Selectmen and the DPW contend that due to its age, a poorly done reconstruction in the 1980s and being below groundwater level, the pool needs to be moved soon before a significant failure to the structure occurs.

In addition, by moving the pool, a playing ground could be constructed that will allow for a new town library to be constructed across Concord Avenue and facilitate moving the Police Station into the current library site. Such a move would also allow land to be privately developed along the commuter rail tracks where the existing police station stands at Concord Avenue and Pleasant Street.


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