Ready to Fund! Learn More About the Community Preservation Act Thursday

Get the 411 low down on the CPA tomorrow at Town Hall.

Voted in by residents with a narrow margin two years ago, the goal of the Community Preservation Act was to apply a tax surcharge on real estate that would eventually assist in the creation and protection of land, affordable housing and local landmarks.

Since then, the money appropriated by the CPA has been growing in the town's coffers, just sitting there growing until it had reached nearly $2 million just a few months ago.

Well, get ready Belmont: the Community Preservation Committee is about ready to open the kitty and start spreading the wealth.

Tomorrow, Oct. 11, the committee will hold a public meeting at 7 p.m. in the Board of Selectmen's Room at Town Hall to provide the public and interested groups just what the Act is all about.

The committee will discuss:

• just what is the Community Preservation Act,

• ask residents and groups to share their ideas for spending Belmont’s funds, and

• learn how to apply for CPA funding for your community-based project.

In the past, the CPC has indicated that they are unwilling to pay the entire amount of any one proposal, hoping the CPA funds are used in association with other financial sources.

Interest in the funds is already peaking as some town departments have already placed their requests for the money. The Town Clerk wants to use CPA funding to digitalizes all town records going back to the beginning of the town 153 years ago.

The Town Government has three projects in its sights: repair the front doors of Town Hall, use funding to replace the historic bathhouse at the Underwood Pool once it is moved to a new location on an adjacent hill and help fund a potential payout to purchase the Belmont Uplands on the Cambridge border that a Pennsylvainia developer is seeking to construct a 299-unit condo development.

For those unable to attend the meeting, they can call the CPA Hotline at 617-993-2774 or e-mail mtrainor@belmont-ma.gov for any questions about the CPA.


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