Registered Voters: Are You Eligible to Vote this Fall?

Town Clerk wants all voters on the rolls to be able to cast a ballot in September, November.

Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching to qualify to vote in the fall 2012 elections, according to Belmont Town Clerk Ellen Cushman.

If a resident is not already a registered voter, they will need to file their voter registration form with the Town Clerk’s office by the registration deadlines:

• To vote in the Thursday, Sept. 6 state primary election, residents must be registered by Aug. 17.

• To vote in the Tuesday, Nov. 6, presidential election, they must be registered by Oct. 17.

The Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall will be open until 8 p.m. on Aug. 17 and Oct. 17, the two deadline dates, to assist voters.

If a resident thinks they’re a registered voter, it’s a good idea to check if that is a fact AND check if they are listed at the correct current address. This will make the voting process for these busy elections much quicker by facilitating the voter check-in step. 

The Town Clerk’s office and Board of Registrars of Voters have placed a current voter list on the Town’s website on Thursday, July 26. The list is alphabetical and only includes names and voting addresses.

"We ask you to check the list; if there is ANY change of your voter information, please notify the Town Clerk’s office in writing before the deadlines shown above," said Cushman.

By Massachusetts law, voter information such as change of address or name, may be done ONLY with the voter’s original signature.  

Remember that this list contains more than 16,000 names so don’t try to print it out; just follow the search instruction to find your own name. 

Here’s the link to the Town Clerk’s web page on voter registration containing the current list of registered voters as well as some frequently asked questions.

The staff from the Town Clerk’s office will be accepting voter registrations and absentee ballot requests at Meet Belmont, Aug. 28, in the Chenery Middle School beginning at 6 p.m. Stop by with your questions.

Will You Be Out of Town on Election Day and Require an Absentee Ballot? 

If a voter will be out of Belmont on either of the election days and are unable to vote in person, Cushman said they should consider filing a request in writing for an absentee ballot to be mailed or vote in-person absentee beginning mid-August.  

Check the Town Clerk’s website for exact dates and absentee requirements.

As always, the Town Clerk’s office is available and happy to answer your questions so please feel free to phone the office at 617-993-2600 or via email.


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