Road to Repair: Town Release Streets To Be Fixed

Due to delays, two years worth of street repairs will get underway beginning this year.

If you live on Creeley Road, you've hit the road jackpot.

Creeley and its cross streets of Flett Road and Francis Street will be some of the first roads that will be reconstructed by the town as long-awaited repairs to town streets has been announced this week.

Due to an extraordinary delay in putting together proposals and putting out bids, two years worth of road repair will commence in the coming months, according to Glenn Clancy, director of Belmont's at last week's Warrant Committee's pre-Town Meeting Informational Briefing.

Last year, the town allocated $1.8 million and $1.2 million this year in pavement management.

But even though the money has been targeted, reconstruction will not start for the 2013 selected roads until the town coordinates with utility companies on a schedule of future repairs.

The streets selected to be repaired are determined by a grading system that ranks them by their condition, the lower the number the most in need of repair.

Of the streets listed below, Francis Street has the lowest number at 29 followed by Trowbridge Street, Dunbarton Road and Oak Street

2012 Streets

From To Wilson Avenue Beech St. Flett Rd. Flett Road Trapelo Rd. Creeley Rd. Francis Street Creeley Rd. Wilson Ave. Creeley Road Beech St. Slade St. Leslie Road Creeley Rd. Upland Rd. Wiley Road Leslie Rd. Slade St. Holden Road Slade St. Leslie Rd. Sabina Way Flett Rd. Francis St. Myrtle Street Concord Ave. School St. Poplar Street Belmont St. Trapelo Rd. Clairemont Road Rutledge Rd. Radcliffe Rd. Edgemoor Road Concord Ave. Louise Rd. Horne Road Williston St. Poplar St. Trowbridge Street Concord Ave. Hittinger St. Dunbarton Road Common St. Royal Rd. Oak Street School St. Concord Ave. Goden Street School St. Washington St.

And for 2013

2013 Streets From To Irving Street Beech St. Waverley St. Davis Road Trapelo Rd. Irving St. Hawthorne Street Trapelo Rd. it a cul-de-sac Cambridge Street Waverley St. Hawthorne St. White Street Trapelo Rd. Grant Ave. Grant Avenue White St. C St. C Street Grant Ave. town property Hamilton Road 240' N of Merrill Ave. Cambridge town line Hamilton Road Concord Ave. 240' N of Merrill Ave. Sycamore Street White St. Trapelo Rd. Concord Avenue (east bound) Cottage St. Post office Concord Avenue (west bound) Cottage St. Post office
Voice of the people May 16, 2012 at 01:44 AM
The only people happy about Trowbridge Street will be Baker Street residents. It's like New England Speedway on Baker Street every day. If I were a Trowbridge parent I would be very upset. Those speed bumps are great.
Wellington Burbank May 16, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Has anyone from DPW checked out Elm Street between School and Payson? It's literally nothing but patches falling apart -- hard to see how it didn't make the list (and, no, I don't live on Elm or even drive on it that often).
GEORGE KENRICK May 16, 2012 at 09:18 PM
It seems to me that Watertown has a more equitable solution the the street problem! Select the section of roadway or intersection that is most in need and get it done.


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