Romney Expected to Finish Second in La. Primary

Challenger Santorum seen as doing well in state with high number of Tea Party members.

Frontrunner Mitt Romney's winning streak in the Republican Primary will end tonight as the former Mass. governor is likely to finish second to former Penn. Sen. Rick Santorum in the Louisiana primary. 

Yet, according the AP, even if Santorum does win, it is not expected to change the overall complexion of the race to become the party's nominatee against President Obama in November. Santorum will continue to lag behind the Belmont resident in delegates, 563 to 263, and fundraising as Romney continues to gather more support from party leaders, who are now urging Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to step aside and allow the party to unite behind Romney. 

But Santorum said he a victory in one of the most conservative state's with a primary will help him in the upcoming Wisconsin primary on April 3 in which he will have his best chance to beat Romney in a large Midwestern state.


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