Scharf-sanity! Fresh(man) Support for Selectman Candidate

You don't have to be of voting age to rally behind a candidate.

Don’t miss this opportunity. On April 2, you’ll have a hard decision between two qualified candidates. But one shines with true energy, passion and results.

As a freshman in High School, I’ve experienced the catastrophic budgetary constraints firsthand and am confident Dan understands the ins and outs of our schools better than anyone. Why? Most politicians dismiss young people who can’t vote. But Dan knows the best way to make decisions is by talking to people actually affected by budget cuts, or whatever the current issue may be. When I first met Dan he asked for my opinion on the schools’ troubles, despite being in seventh grade. Later that year he again took the time to personally speak with me.

Likewise, as chair of the Task Force on Extracurricular Activities, Dan made sure to gage the opinion of all groups from the Belmont High School Student Senate to METCO parents. He simply takes the time to fully hear and act on the concerns of Belmont’s citizens. Dan’s slogan “a leader who listens” is fitting.

That Task Force is one of the many committees that Dan, a School Committee member, has gained immense experience from. He genuinely knows the ins and outs of our town, from non-profits to the depth that teacher layoffs and class sizes of thirty kids can reach. With that vast knowledge Dan has already formed countless concrete ideas on a wide range of issues. Many are on his website, danscharfman.com

To turn those plans into reality, Dan will work with his opponents. Every campaign email includes “lets make this campaign the most positive Belmont has ever seen” and he has been extraordinarily friendly with the opposition.

But most importantly, he cares about his constituents. A few years ago Dan walked by while I was holding a sign barely attached to it’s wooden post. He insisted on running home to find a stapler. Around twenty minutes later Dan returned to staple the sign back together. This is the kind of concern and passion essential to a strong leader.

Join me in supporting Dan Scharfman, the leader who has the audacity, devotion, and guts to lead Belmont forward.

Daniel Vernick

Fairmont Street


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