Scharfman: 'Thank You, Belmont Voters'

"With support like that the future holds many possibilities."

Thank you, Belmont voters. Although I lost last week’s election for a seat on the Board of Selectman, you honored me greatly with your insights, generosity, and very close to half your votes. This week residents have asked me several questions:

Why didn’t you demand a recount?

First, the margin of 32 votes seems small, but our voting machines make few mistakes. Second, a recount would cost money – at least several thousand taxpayer dollars – and I thought it irresponsible to force the town to spend those dollars on a long-shot recount. Finally and most importantly, recounts are divisive and destabilizing. The winner of a recount is weakened and resented, and the loser feels cheated. Belmont really doesn’t need weakened, resented leaders or a suspicious electorate.

Will you run again? 

It’s far too soon even to think about it. But my campaign comprised 10 weeks, 15 coffees, 250 yard signs, many dozens of donors and volunteers, over 5,000 emails, and $10,000 of donations. With support like that the future holds many possibilities.

What’s next?

People have told me that this campaign’s informed, competent, civil debate helped our town frame and understand critical issues. So I’ll continue that productive dialogue while redoubling my effort on the School Committee to insure that Belmont gives its children love of learning and strong preparation for college and career.

This is no time to look back and wonder what I might have done differently to win. It’s no time to shake my Etch-a-Sketch or abandon the causes and values that drove me to run. It’s time for Belmont to move forward together. Thank you for supporting me in this campaign, and thank you in advance for joining me in support of the Board of Selectmen as they lead our town.

Dan Scharfman

School Street 


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