The State Rep Candidates Make Their Closing Arguments

Jim Gammill, Tomi Olson and Dave Rogers' final appeals to the voters of the "ABC" District.

Jim Gammill, Independent

Open Innovative Government 

I am running as your neighbor. For 26 years I lived in the district, raising a family and enjoying all the benefits that come with calling Belmont and Arlington my home.  For about ten thousand days you've seen me on the bus, on the bike paths, at the playgrounds, coaching sports teams, organizing outreach activities, and also just hanging out. I know this district first hand.

I bring thirty-five years of professional experience to this race. As someone with a long track record of original ideas, I will make unique contributions to the legislative process.

But the most powerful thing I'll bring to this job is your mandate and authority.  By electing me over the two party candidates, you will shake the political establishment, not just here in Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge, but throughout the state. 

My candidacy is a direct challenge to the two-party system and all that is wrong with Massachusetts politics. The lack of competition. The lack of open debate.  The lack of compassion for all those who don't have the clout of the insiders. 

I know that you are ready for a credible alternative. The tens of thousands of dollars from special interests and endorsements from the Governor and other party leaders don't decide elections for you. You, too, are an independent thinker and voter.

Now, I ask you to cast a vote on Tuesday that says you want more from the State House and more from politics.  Send me to do the hard work you know needs to get done.  

Vote for the Independent, Jim Gammill for Open Innovative Government. 

Tomi Olson, Republican

This Election the Voters of the 24th Middlesex District have a choice. While there are three candidates, I am the only Female! Most importantly however, there is only one choice between two very different visions of how government should work.

Both my opponents, one an Democrat, the other a former Democrat running as an independent, are good men from the same political tradition. They believe in, what I like to call: a “government first and government always” approach.

I have a exceptionally contrasting vision. I believe in you. Better put, I believe in “US” because government can’t be the first and only solution to our problems.

Through my work in the town, I have consistently supported a “social safety net” for those who cannot provide for themselves:

• I champion excellent education;

• I know that the MBTA is an important lifeline for our district;

• and I value open space and controlling the watershed issues.

But Jobs and the rising cost of living are by far first and foremost in the minds of almost everyone I meet. Most jobs, however, are created by people who take risks investing their own money in small businesses. Yet, every year we drive more of them out of the Commonwealth with excessively burdensome regulation and taxes. Unfortunately, when jobs leave, tax revenues decrease and Beacon Hill raises taxes on individuals!

There is a better way. We need to encourage job creation, take a reasonable approach to taxes and regulation. We need to create more taxpayers not more taxes.

For two decades I’ve been happy to donate to our beautiful community through service on municipal committees as well as creating and producing the Payson Park Music Festival. I know the pulse of our District, our needs and our concerns. In cooperation with other citizens of differing viewpoints I have worked to find pragmatic solutions. I will continue that tradition of service on Beacon Hill. 

I would be honored by your vote on Nov. 6th. (www.tomiolson.com)

Dave Rogers, Democrat

I want to say thank you to all the many people in this district for making this campaign one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. So many of you welcomed me into your homes, told me your stories, and shared your ideas for how to make our great community even better.

It's clear to me that we need a strong dynamic voice advocating for us at the State House, and I offer you myself as that voice. I offer my experience in both the public and private sector, I offer you my strong work ethic, and my ability to collaborate. I offer my enthusiasm, and my compassion for the neediest among us.   

I'm seeking this office because I believe in public service; I believe that people working together in common cause can solve big challenges. Most importantly, I believe in you, the people of Belmont, Arlington, and Cambridge. I believe in the strength of our shared values and our devotion to building a better world. For all these reasons, and many more, it would be my honor to represent you.  

I respectfully ask for your vote.


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