Trouble With the 73? Tell Will

Brownsberger wants to know how your commute is using the Waverley bus.

As the state begins the long-awaited reconstruction and resurfacing of the Waverley Avenue/Belmont Street Corridor with infrastructure repairs, State Sen. Will Brownsberger has a question for those commuters who use the MBTA's popular number 73 bus to get about.

How's it going? Got a problem? 

If you are a rider of the Waverley bus, Brownsberger is asking for your feedback about how the bus service has been working.  

"We're working with the MBTA to get a specific record of problems that have been occurring," Brownsberger said. 

The best way for riders to provide Brownsberger's staff feedback is on the Web at this link.

If you prefer, riders can replying via email.  

Brownsberger will be collecting replies and post them (without names) on his website.  

Ann January 18, 2014 at 12:19 PM
We use the Trapelo Road/ Hawthorne crosswalk several times a day for walking to school. As a pedestrian I would like to see all the 73 bus drivers observe the crosswalk more diligently. Some of the drivers are very good at stopping for pedestrians and other drivers pass right through even though pedestrians are clearly waiting to cross. I have on several occasions roported drivers to the MBTA. More awareness on their part would be appreciated.


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