Voters: Be Careful Which Ballot You Select

In addition, children and ballots don't mix.

For most elections, voters receive a single ballot with every candidate and question they will be voting on.

But tomorrow, unenrolled voters will be asked which of three ballots they would like. 

And residents should take time to review the specimen ballots at the polling stations, said Belmont Town Clerk Ellen Cushman, because once a party's ballot is selected – Republican, Democrat or Green/Independent – you're stuck with it.

"When an unenrolled voter accepts a party's ballot, they can not come back and ask for another," said Cushman.

She said since there is a great deal of interest in one of the primaries (that would be the Republican), some people may want to vote for a specific person on one ballot but will typically select the ballot of another party. But if a voter discovers they selected the wrong ballot, there is no way the choice can be reversed.

"So voters should be careful what ballot they ask for in this primary election," Cushman said. 

In addition, anyone registered as a member of a party that is not one of the three approved by the state will not be able to vote Tuesday as it is a primary election.

Cushman is also stressing that parents limit the direct involvement their children have in the voting process. While voters can bring their children to the polling station and walk with them to and from the voting booths, children should not be allowed to carry, mark the ballot or place the ballot into the counters.

"There are other ways that parents can involve children in the election process include making a ballot box at home and vote there," said Cushman.


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