Was That Who I Think That Was In the Center?

Lots of Romney sightings in Belmont as campaign takes time off from trail.

The black Chevy Tahoe SUVs, the security, the press, the dash inside the up-scale restaurant, the surprised diners, the excited staff. 

A celebrity sighting in Belmont Center! 

Was it Belmont's own Hollywood producer and writer David Kelley and his wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, entering il Casale? Did the entire Boston Bruins team return to the restaurant where they held this year's break up dinner to celebrate the NHL's lock-out? Is comedian Dane Cook still a big enough star to warrant the "TMZ" treatment?

Nope, just long-time resident Mitt and Ann Romney with their son and daughter-in-law, Tagg and Jennifer, out at their favorite local restaurant. 

(There wasn't this much fuss last year.)

Apparently with both campaigns – Romney's and President Obama's – taking a rare day off from the tight campaign for the Presidency, press outlets such as the ABC News Blog realized that a trip to the restaurant was about as big of a news event as they were going to produce.

Earlier in the day, the ABC blog got the low down of Mitt and Ann watching their grandson playing soccer out on Town Field.

Reporter Emily Friedman wrote a nicely-detailed report noting the Belmont Soccer Association's popular uniform: "a bright green striped shirt that read 'Belmont' down the front" and that "[s]ome of the soccer players approached Romney during the game for a handshake, which Romney dispensed gladly."


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