What's Open and Closed in Belmont on Washington's Birthday

That's right, the federal government and Massachusetts honors George Washington's Birthday, not the celebration of every president.

It's George Washington's Birthday which is also day one of the February school recess (aka Winter Break) whether you get to spend the holiday at home or at work.

What's this? You thought it was Presidents Day? Seems you and many people across the country have been fooled by lazy calendar makers who decided on their own to connect Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays under the holiday's banner.

But when Congress passed the bill authorizing a federal holiday on the third Monday in February back in the 1880s, it was done to commemorate the first President of the United States. In fact, federal government and the Massachusetts Secretary of State's web sites clearly note that it's "George Washington's Birthday" that is being celebrated.

In fact, Presidents Day would indicate that we are honoring every president that served, which, with the several duds who've lived in the White House, is dubious to say the least.

If the country was celebrating Abe and George, the correct punctuation would be Presidents' Day – unless you want to group Washington and William Henry Harrison or Ronald Reagan who were born in February.

While Washington's Birthday is one of ten holidays recognized by the federal government, the feds don't require employers to pay workers for this holiday from work. Businesses traditionally provide their employees with a paid holiday as part of a benefits package because most other employers do the same.

According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, business and commercial activities may operate as usual.

Closed today:

• Belmont town offices 

• Belmont Public Library

• Belmont Schools

• Post offices and regular deliveries. 

• Bank offices; although some branches will be open in certain supermarkets.


• Many businesses,

• Stores,

• Supermarkets

• Convenience stores and

• Establishments that sell beer and wine are also allowed to be open.

Trash Collection:

Curbside collection is delayed by one day due to the holiday.


 • Buses will operate on a Saturday schedule.

• Commuter rail trains will operate on its regular weekday schedule. 

• Red line trains will operate on a Saturday schedule.


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