With Summer Heat Comes Dangers for Pets

Animal Control's John Maguranis advise to keep your pets as cool as you are.

With temperatures heading to the 90s this week, Belmont's Animal Control Officer John Maguranis wants to remind pet owners that summer heat can easily kill your companion. The MSPCA released the following heat wave reminders for pet owners:

  • NEVER leave pets in hot cars, even with windows partially rolled down. When going on errands, leave your pet at home. HOT CARS KILL PETS!
  • If you see a pet in distress in a hot car, contact the nearest authorities immediately.
  • If you notice heat stress symptoms such as severe panting or in extreme cases, staggering, weakness and collapse, lower the animal's body temperature by hosing it down with cool water. Ice packs may be applied to the head and neck area. The animal should then receive prompt veterinary attention.
  • Pets should always have access to constant shade, properly ventilated shelter and fresh water.
  • Exercise your pet in the early morning or evening hours when the temperature is lower. Remember to never start a pet on a new exercise program during the hot days of summer. Instead, choose cooler weather, start the exercise program gradually, and make sure the pet is in good health before starting the program.

Questions about animal control in Belmont can be directed to the Animal Control Officer in the Health Department at 617-993-2724.


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