Rich Block, Poor Block: Belmont Hill Not Town's Top Income Neighborhood

Belmont has different income levels but where are they and how much? Oh, the top-hat neighborhood is all about the dead Presidents.

Belmont has a reputation of being a town which is more "wealthy" than the average Bay State community. But how different is Belmont from its neighbors? And just how much of an income disparity is there in the Town of Homes?

Thanks to the efforts of the website, Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks, there are answers to those questions. The site uses data compiled from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey which is part of the US Census to show median household income by census tract.

The data shows two Belmont's census tracts is significantly wealthier then others in the areas.

Surprisingly, the top census tract is not the once encompassing Belmont Hill (where the median household income level is about $125,959) but the residents living in the Presidents neighborhood – named that because the streets were named after presidents – inside Washington, Common, Concord and Blanchard where median household income clocks in at $146,364.

Though most Belmont residents won't see a perceptible difference in the immediate neighborhoods, looking at the whole census tracts shows a significant drop-off in household incomes in some areas.

Income levels in Waverley Square come in at $72,961 on the high end of the state's middle class income range in Massachusetts ranges between $59,560 to $73,466. Move a few streets over to the neighborhood near the Butler Elementary School, income levels skyrocket to $96,012.

To see the data mapped out and check our more Belmont and surrounding towns, visit the Rich Block, Poor Blocks website.


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