Belmont Hockey: Minutemen Take Down Boys', Girls'

Lexington's teams prove to be unwelcome guests as they send back Marauders.

Boys' Score Not Indicative of Effort

It was Parent's Appreciation Day for Belmont High School Boys' Ice Hockey Saturday, Jan 13, at Belmont's Viglirolo Skating Rink. The railing along the raised deck was covered with heartfelt messages by players to their mothers and fathers.

And Belmont players demonstrated to their parents an effort and grit that allowed the team to play with Lexington through the first two periods, trailing 3-1 (with freshman Brian Garrett scoring from fellow frosh David Bailey 29 seconds in to the second period), including stretches where Belmont's opportunistic offense was complementing a tight defense that frustrated the Lexington High School Minuteman forwards just as top-flight Reading High was left pondering.

But a pair of quick Minuteman goals at the start of the final period took Belmont's starting goaltender, Chenery Middle School eighth-grader Cal Christofori, out of his game and produced a 8-1 final that was not indicative of the heart and energy that the Marauders left out on the ice. 

Girls' Losing Streak At Three Games After 

It's never good for this edit on of Belmont High School Girls' Ice Hockey team to fall behind in a game. So when the Lexington High School Minutemen scored twice in the first period on Saturday, Jan. 12, it was certain that coming back to break the team's recent two game losing streak would be a tough slog.

While Belmont would score twice in the game – both from the Marauders' new scoring star sophomore Erin McLaughlin while being assisted twice by freshman defender Serena Nally and once by sophomore line mate Casey Shea – so would Lexington to take the away win, 4-2, to lower Belmont's record to 2-5-1.


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