Belmont Superintendent Issues Safety Statement

Kingston seeks to keep "our schools are as safe as possible."

After the killings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. on Friday, Belmont Superintendent Thomas Kingston issued a statement regarding safety at Belmont's six public schools which was released on the district's website.

"In light of recent events, all of us in the Belmont Public Schools have increased concern and regard for the safety of the students and adults working in our buildings. We do not discuss publicly our safety protocols or interventions because someone who might have ill intent could misuse such information."

"However, I do want to assure the public that we have heightened our vigilance, conferred with public safety officials, continually review our drills and procedures, and are doing all we can within our power to make sure our schools are as safe as possible."

Thomas S. Kingston
Interim Superintendent of Schools
Belmont Public Schools


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