Breathalyzer 411: Policy at Belmont High School in Place

Regulations comes a week after High School announced implementation.

Belmont High School Principal Dan Richards has released a list of "quick facts" of the school's Breathalyzer Policy and Procedure for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The remainder of 2013 will be the Pilot Year to determine how effective the policy and protocol will be:

The policy includes:

  • All testing is administered in private and by a school administrator.
  • School administrators will be trained on how to administer the test.
  • Breathalyzers would only be used at school events.
  • Breathalyzers would not be used during the school day.
  • Depending on the school event, students are either randomly or all selected such as every fifth student.
  • If a student is exhibiting signs of intoxication according to the protocol check list, student would be tested. Signs of intoxication: Slurred speech, unsteady gait, impaired motor skills, glassy and/or bloodshot eyes, smell of intoxicating liquor on breath, clothing or person, vomiting and evidence of possession of alcohol.
  • If a breathalyzer test is positive, the student has two more opportunities to take the test.
  • If an administrator determines that a student is intoxicated or has used alcohol based on one or more of the above indicators, parent/guardian is notified and requested to take the student home.
  • The current 2012-2013 BHS handbook applies to students found intoxicated. There will be no changes in the BHS discipline policies and procedures.


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