Foundation Awards $45K to Belmont Schools

Fall grant cycle is the most funding Foundation for Belmont Education has provide to teachers in Belmont's six schools.

Up-to-date science balances, programs on wildlife and an inflatable world. Those are just some of the dozens of enhancements to Belmont schools programs as the Foundation for Belmont Education announced last week that it had distributed a record amount of funds to teachers and administrators.

The foundation, the three-decade old community-sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Belmont Public Schools, distributed $45,000 in its Fall-funding cycle – one of two during the school year – to support more than a dozen innovation and enrichment programs in the schools through its Learning Excellence Grant Program (LEGP).

During each grant cycle, the FBE encourages educators to request up to $1,000 for small grant requests, and up to $5,000 for major grant requests.

In the Fall cycle, the FBE received a record number of grant requests from across all six schools in the district, totaling more than $80,000 and ran the gamut: requests for enrichment programs, curriculum materials, support for visits to historical sites, state-of-the-art photography equipment, technology to enhance learning, leveled reading books, and a creative writing author-in-residence program. 

Of the $82,785 in grant requests, the FBE was able to fund $44,946; the highest amount ever funded in a single LEGP cycle.

Among the enrichment opportunities that students will have available as result of the Fall 2012 LEGP awards:

• More than 300 seventh grade students in the World Geography program at the Chenery Middle School will have the opportunity to see their planet from an intriguing perspective: the inside of an inflatable model of the Earth. 

• All second grade students from across all four elementary schools will benefit from a new multidisciplinary biography unit, one that will expose them to new and enriching biography resources.

• At Belmont High School, 17 new digital balances will provide science students with enhanced measuring capabilities, while intermediate photography students will have the ability to use digital cameras to create new photographs for digital imaging assignments.

• All elementary students from all four schools will experience the Windows on Wildlife enrichment program, which inspires a lifelong respect for and love of nature and wildlife.


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