[Photo Gallery] Three Midsummer Nights at the High School (Video)

Belmont High School's Performance Arts Company's production of the Bard's lovable comedy.

"Don't let the bows be longer than the show," said Christopher Brindley, the young director of the Performing Arts Company's production of Shakespeare's comedy, "Midsummer Night's Dream."

Wearing an sweatshirt with "Emerson" on the chest, Brindley is putting the student's through their final paces as opening night nears.

"It really is something to see this production come together," he said, as the actors scurry off stage preparing for the final dress-rehearsal.

"I think students should always do Shakespeare because it's great fun to stage his plays," said Brindley.

Staged in the 1900s, the comedy is the celebration of love involving two sets of lovers, a group of amateur actors, gods and goddesses, fairies and Puck.

"I think it's such an accessable play that everyone can both understand and really enjoy," said Brindley.

The show will be performed Thursday, Nov. 17, Friday, Nov. 18, and Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Main Theatre of Belmont High School's Auditorium.

Tickets are on sale now at: www.ticketstage.com for $10 or they can also be purchased at Champion Sports or at the door for $12.

For more information about the production team visit: www.bhs-pac.org.

Magical Characters
Puck: Devon Carter
Oberon: Dallin Rivera
Titania: Sarah-Eve Dill*
Dewdrop/ “Fairy”: Rachel Polansky
Peasblossom (dancing): Julia Regier
Cobweb: Abigail Kohn
Moth: Eva Joll
Mustarseed: Miriam Hamburger
Dancing Fairies:

Eman Khan
Yvette Kleinbock
Linnea Poulos
Danielle Ramos
*denotes Dance Captain

The Lovers
Hermia: Emma McGlashen
Helena: Ginny Chesson
Demetrius: Wally Matzko
Lysander: Henry Dalby
The Rude Mechanicals
Bottom: Alex Griffin
Peter Quince: Nick Brancazio
Francis Flute: Noah Miller-Medzon
Snug: Yulia Katsman
Tom Snout: Cameron Stinemack
Robin Starveling: Sam Korn
Theseus:Robbie Gibson
Hippolyta: Kate Miller
Egeus: Scott Backman
Philostrate: Katie Fallon

Miles Cipriano
Valentin Frank
Annie Kaplan
Victoria Maniscalco
Emma Needles
Sarah O’Malley
Milo Plass
Barkha Scherp
Bobby Stafford
Jazmin Vohalis
Michael Wagner
Vincent Wenzel


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